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So… to say that I have been neglecting my website would be a massive understatement. It’s as if I killed it off, left it for dead in a ditch but somehow it clung to life waiting for my return. I’m working on a way to bring some TLC to my website for this summer and hopefully it gets the attention it deserves. I will put to use my knowledge and skill set to bring forth a new and simple blog space for everything in Geekdom, with an emphasis on collecting and simply written reviews for those that are put off by technobabble and unfamiliar terminology. Hopefully 2017 can be the year I reach out and help in the community, and this blog can function as another branch of my online presence. Let’s wait and see how this works out!

Review Time! with Dragondude2525: Chibi-Robo Zip Lash ***Rating 4/5***


I gotta say… good job Nintendo! I absolutely enjoyed this game! I only have two faults with this game, but that will be addressed later on. First things first, I absolutely love the character of Chibi-Robo and to get to adventure with him again is greatly appreciated. The platforming is easy to accomplish with Chibi-Robo’s skill set allowing for easy hovering and jumping. The controls for the game are prime as well. You use the X button for the standard short range attack, and if you use it while jumping you can combine the action to hover momentarily. The Y button is used for for the more powerful long range attack, which can also be used to ricochet off certain walls to attack multiple enemies or reach platforms in difficult to reach locations. to target an object to hit with your plug you can use the circle pad, but for more delicate targeting you can use the D pad for minor adjustments. The gameplay is not extremely varied, but the typical platforming is broken up by segments or nearly entire levels where you are on a vehicle or some means of transportation, these levels tend to be a little bit more difficult if you are a completionist and don’t have great hand eye coordination. But at least the game doesn’t make it too difficult for young players or people that are not as good with platformers as it makes it very difficult for you to die, as long as you have been collecting and depositing trash and buying backup batteries and jet packs. The included Amiibo in the bundle is also a great item to have included as the pose is adorable and gives your character an in-game super boost. Other Amiibo also unlock bonus coins of the in-game currency. Overall the game itself offers a lot of items to collect that will have you repeating levels over and over again if you weren’t lucky enough to get it all the first time around.

Now come the two things I viewed as faults, two reason that resulted in me scoring this game a 4/5 rather than anything higher. The worlds of the game are just dull and repetitive. They are not all that great to look at but at least they function as suitable locations for platforming. My biggest gripe with the game is the roulette mechanic of the level select screen! in each world you have six levels, followed by a boss level that unlocks after the other 6 are completed. But instead of progressing through each level in order, you have to spin a wheel that gives you either 1, 2 or 3 spaces to move, resulting on repeated levels if you happen to land on the wrong number. At the end of each level though you get a chance to target one of three space ships, Gold, Silver, Bronze and they give you 3, 2, or 1 extra spin on the wheel respectively. Along with this you have the option of buying numbered tiles to replace ones on the wheel so that you have a better chance of landing on the desired location. They included a method of level selecting that was indirect and almost random, but then gave players several different methods to which they could avoid this whole mechanic. This I did not like at all, but it does not ruin the entire game for me, in fact it only somewhat affected my opinion of the game, but did not stop me from playing it for hours on end. It’s a great game to pickup and play for a few minutes or to sit down and enjoy for an hour or two. Hopefully this was of some help in your decision making process in purchasing this game.

Review Time! with Dragondude2525: Tales of Hearts R ***4.5/5***

North American Cover Art

Tales of Hearts R is the latest entry into the Tales series of RPGs made by Namco Bandai Games. This entry is a remake of the 2008 Nintendo DS game Tales of Hearts. The updated version features all new 3D game play, with 3D characters interacting in a 3D world. It features new animated cut scenes as well an all new voice acting throughout main story events. Admittedly I am not well versed in the Tales series, only having played Tales of Symphonia myself, but I do appreciate the longstanding series for producing many interesting stories and characters as well as some solid gameplay throughout the years.

To get into game details lets start with one big fact, it’s Playstation TV compatible! If you so please you can play it on the go, or sit down on the couch and enjoy it with the experience of a PS3 controller! When being scaled up to a big screen TV the quality of the image diminishes somewhat, but that will be a given when looking at almost any Vita game being played on the Playstation TV. The combat system is very good and led to some rather enjoyable random encounters. I like the quality of the lock on in that it can easily switch from one target to another without much effort. The tutorial portion of the game though was a little too detailed for my liking, but it would be necessary for any gamer that is entirely new to the series, although it does play like many action RPGs. The dungeon design was fairly lacklustre in that most of the time you were directed exactly down the path you needed to take, or the path itself was nearly entirely obvious. From my first 1 1/2 hours of gameplay I can say that the core gameplay will be enjoyable and the scenery and cut scenes will look amazing, but as for storyline, I can’t really say much at this point.

I give the game a rating of 4.5/5 because the game itself is easy to control and fairly enjoyable. Tales of Hearts R can be played on the go or on the big screen. While dungeon layouts are somewhat lacklustre and I can’t talk for the progression of the story, for the time being it is shaping up to be a great entry into the Tales series. The only other downside is the game’s availability. It is only available in North America at EB Games and Gamestop locations across Canada and the US. In Canada the price is 44.99, but hopefully with time the game drops in price or receives an HD port to the PS3 or PS4. But if you are a fan of the Action-RPG genre and a fan of the Tales series, I could not recommend this game any more!


Review Time! with Dragondude2525: Bravely Default ***4.5/5***


Bravely Default, the latest RPG from Square Enix is shaping up to be an RPG worthy of it’s own franchise. It has the same beautiful artistic style that is reminiscent of classic Final Fantasy games, existing somewhere between the art style of Yoshitako Amano, and the chibi style of Final Fantasy Theatrhythm. This has to be by far the most visually appealing game for the 3DS. So for looks alone it is an absolutely beautiful game.

The gameplay is perfectly easy to pick up and learn without much difficulty, with several key choices being available. You can choose to Brave where you will be given extra attacks, but then afterwards you are unable to attack for several turns, unless you have used Default first. When you choose Default it is a defence move that also gives you one extra attack counter, so that you are able to attack twice the next turn. There is a limit though as to how many times you can Default, and that is up to 3 counters, allowing you to attack 4 times in a row. I suggest to people that are looking to level up quickly that they just choose to Brave 4 times while facing basic enemies, to quickly defeat them without the need for strategy or possibly to require the use of precious potions or other items.

The only negative things I can say are as follows: The bosses are hard! Even in the very first side quest I found myself unable to defeat the final bosses several times in a row! I eventually had to give up and just continue on with the story. The other bothersome but not so terrible quality of the game was the fact that in the end it used very standard RPG storytelling tropes. For example you have one character’s town completely obliterated at the start of the game, similar to the events in Golden Sun as an example. Another example is that another character is a vestal to some sort of religious order, much like a character from Tales of Symphonia. These are only a few reasons why I found it lacked a truly original story, in the end though I still enjoyed it.

Overall Bravely Default has way too many positive qualities that outweigh the few negative qualities that also exist in it. I enjoyed the game very much and I do intend on 100% completing the game in the future. This is why I gave it a rating of 4.5/5, because it is a game for the 3DS that every 3DS owner should have in their game libraries!

To view my unboxing of the Collector’s Edition please follow the link:

Review Time! with Dragondude2525: South Park The Stick of Truth ***3.5/5***

First I’d like to acknowledge the fact that I have not updated my site in some time, just have been very busy in life and was unable to commit time to both my YouTube channel and website. Now let’s get to this review.

I just finished playing the game and I have to say it was definitely addictive. I found myself wanting to continue to see what would happen next in the story. It was like an interactive episode of South Park, but at moments the gameplay took me so far away from the story that I just wanted to turn it off. The tutorials in the game were absolutely painful to complete for the PS3 version, as it seemed at moments that the game delayed in registering your controller input. Input delays really affected my level of enjoyment of the game.

Some of the side quests are absolutely hilarious while others are nothing more than a scavenger hunt for hidden items. But I completed the game with nearly none of the side quests completed so they are not all necessary to complete the story.

Another complaint would be that the general layout of each quest was as follows: receive a quest, do another quest within that quest, then within the other quest you do another one. So in the end you found yourself being given several quests to do for just one main quest. The most painful one was the quest where you had to recruit the goth kids, and the most enjoyable in my opinion is a tie between the recruit girls quest, and the Canada quest, but this all counts as one as you had to go to Canada to complete the girl’s quest.

The game was lewd and graphic as South Park usually is, but I found it to be a lot more over the top and gimmicky. The South Park movie had an excellent amount of lewd content, but it seems like this time around they just wanted to include absolutely all the grossest things they have ever done, including the trials of Lemmiwinks, multiple abortions, zombies, alien probing, unnecessary violence, and a slew of other stuff. I get that this is what South Park is about, but it was way too much for a relatively short game.

In total I spent about 15 hours completing the story and now I only have another 5 side quests to complete, as well as finding another 8 Chinpokomon, and buying up the rest of the items in the shops.

I felt that the game was a little light on content, but what was there was enjoyable and only occasionally did I find it stressful and annoying. My rating for the game is 3.5/5 because while it was enjoyable and funny, the controls weren’t as good as I expect them to be, the content was a little light (but I think there might be DLC for this game later on), and at moments the main quests would drag on too long. I hope that this review was of any help to those that are still deciding on buying the game.

iPod touch 5th Generation (32GB) **Rating 4/5**


So as you can already see, today’s real world review is going to be for the new iPod touch in black and slate with 32GB of storage. I have been using it for just under two months now and I find that this little device definitely has its place between the iPhone and iPads. Even though since it’s release the new iPad mini was added to the line up of apple hand held devices, the new iPod touch is still a great alternative for those that can’t afford the equivalent in the iPad mini or iPad. With a base model of 32GB, this is the best bang for your buck in the apple world of hand held devices. The screen real estate and quality is unmatched in other multimedia devices of its size, quite entirely unmatched. The upgraded camera system too is a surprising little extra, comparing the device from where it started in 2007 to what it has become today. The iTunes app stores are yet again a major selling feature as well as the additions to the preinstalled  apps that come with the device. Finally some figures to look at for this device that  might be of some interest is that I managed to fit my entire music library of over 1800 songs, that only took 12 minutes to load to the iPod, 5 HD movies, 15 episodes of tv shows, and about a dozen music videos, along with an extra 30 apps, and i still have another 5.5GB of storage available!!

Sorry if I sounded like I was having an apple fangasm, but now it’s time for the negatives, well the few that I had throughout the last 2 months of use. To start with, the increase in screen size was not only a benefit, but at this moment in time it has been a little bothersome. so many app developers have yet to alter their apps to extend to cover the full screen, which then results in having to look at two annoying black bars on the sides. Now with time, these will go away as the new screen size will become the standard for the iPod touch and the iPhone and the app developers will all turn suit and update their apps. Another big issue I had was with that stupid little loop!! Fine, if you are dropping your stuff all the time it can be a good idea, but I’d much rather just get a case. This then reminds me of the fact that I haven’t been able to find a decent case for the 5th gen iPod touch. Although some good ones exist online, not many are available, and next to nothing is available in store. And when looking at the Apple Store itself I saw none for this specific one. Also from their website it looks like they will be relying on the stupid loop strap instead of a traditional case, to prevent drops instead of protecting it in the case that it does fall. Last detail that stopped me from giving it a perfect 5 was the fact that it was a little awkward to hold or put down on a flat surface. With the camera housing being bumped out as it is, the device is not able to be placed entirely flat. Also with its thin and super light design, I always felt as if i had lost it or that it might break if I was too rough with it.

In the end most of the pros and cons cancelled each other out but the pros just won it. This is why  I decided on a final score of 4/5.