A selection of photos featuring collectibles, cosplay, and just about anything that catches my eye.

I was playing Final Fantasy XIV, admiring my character, when I noticed this person’s name behind me. Uhm…

This is the model I built of Eva Unit-01. Was a struggle but it turned out great.

This was one of my most favourite costumes I got to see at FanExpo 2017

I saw this unsettling mask at Dollarama. Cross between a kabuki mask and harlequin doll.


Amongst all the comic book, anime, and video game cosplays at FanExpo, I was happily surprised to see these Moonrise Kingdom costumes!


Saw this awesome group cosplay from My Hero Academia. Love this show and can’t wait for the next season.


This is my current glamour for my Black Mage in Final Fantasy XIV. What do you think?