Review- Movie- This is 40

So for today’s review I went to see Judd Apatow’s new comedy This is 40, the sorta spinoff sequel to Knocked Up. This comedy featured many comedy actors we’ve come to love over the last few years. Without any spoilers I’ll just state a few basic thoughts I had about the movie.

I noticed quite quickly that the child actors would be a point of weakness, while they had their cute funny moments, some lines were just a little too difficult for them to deliver with the full weight of the line.

There was a load of nudity in the movie but at most moments it was “tasteful” and wasn’t too obscene, but pretty damn funny, like that BJ scene (for those of you who watched the movie). I just liked that it wasn’t nudity like from a slasher flick with girls with implants running about, it was just more natural.

I was also surprised by the dynamic between Jason Segel, Megan Fox, and Chris O’Dowd, it was just hilarious!!

Anyways, I highly recommend this movie for anyone that is looking for a fun time at the movies, just remember to stay for the credits!


Review- Movie- Les Miserables (Thumbs UP!)

On Christmas morning the first thing that popped into my mind was not to go unwrap presents (because I had done that the night before) but instead to go see Les Miserables. I had sadly not taken the musical seriously when I had gone to see it 7 years ago, but since I had gained appreciation for the story and its characters.

Although it was the first thing I thought of Christmas morning, the day the movie hit theatres, I did not see it until the 27th of December. I still greatly enjoyed the movie. I list off all the actors in my video so I will not bother to state them again.

I give my reasons why I enjoyed the movie, but here are also some faults I had with it. First was the length! At first it was not that bad, but when they made it to 1832, I felt like it was kinda pushing it, but it sure is one long story! Do I have any other complaints? No, not really… except maybe the actress playing the Adult Eponine looked far too skinny!! I understand she is supposed to be a spoiled child whose family fell on hard times, so she is probably starved, but still!

In the end, the movie made me fall in love with the classic characters of Victor Hugo, and I highly recommend the film to everyone. Even the action scenes later on in Paris in 1832 were amazingly done! 100% recommendation!


Review- Movie- Skyfall

So today, well technically speaking yesterday, I went to see the new James Bond movie Skyfall featuring Daniel Craig in the leading role and Judi Dench as M. In my above posted video I talked about the action sequences in the film, here I will talk about major differences between this film and others in its series. Although, when I say major differences, I mean that they were major enough to bother me, but did not necessarily make the film worse.

First comes the classic idea of the Bond Girl. Although Eve Moneypenny can be considered a Bond Girl in some aspects, she never “seals the deal” with James. The only girl, other than the girl who nurses James back to good health that he slept with throughout the course of the entire film was Mr. Silva’s “wife” Severine. What I disliked about this character was that shortly after her introduction she is killed off by Javier Bardem’s character, and she does not manage to create a strong enough presence on screen that would make us invest in the character and feel bad when she dies.

And even though I spoke about the action sequences in my video, I wanted to mention the final action scene. It was very reminiscent of Home Alone, where Bond, along with M, retreats back to his childhood home and lays boobytraps for the ensuing forces of Mr. Silva. By the way, a fuckin black hawk helicopter or whatever that was was overkill for taking out elderly Kincade, poor shot M, and disabled Bond.

My next huge problem was with how M dies. she got shrapnel shot into her thigh, she could have lived!!!! like seriously, although she was walking a lot on it, she should not have died that quickly.

I still recommend that the bond fan see it, to have a gauge of where the series is going, but also choose to list this movie as a pass for fans of action flicks that are just looking for big bangs and lots of blood, they are probably saving all that for the next film in the series, or for a whole other reboot. So in summation I give this film a conditional watch, just because I think action fans should be wary and not disappointed when they see the reduced amount of action in this sequel.