The Anticipation is Over: The Aftermath of FanExpo 2017


At the end of the Summer, fans of just about everything descend upon Toronto for Canada’s preeminent convention. If you’re into Comics, Anime, Video Games, Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and so much more this convention is for you.

I had been attending this convention for nearly a decade but in recent years I had fallen out of favor with this convention. It got to be very expensive and required me to save a lot of money in preparation. I managed to get a job at a booth there last year, but that is a part of my past I’d rather leave in the past and never recall. This year, this year was my first proper return to the convention in 4 years and I could hardly wait for the day to finally come.

Now it has been a few days since the convention came and went and I’m trying to make sense of it all. Did I truly enjoy it? Did I have fun like I thought I would? Was it what I had remembered it to be? The answer to those questions sadly is no, but it is a little more complicated than that. I enjoyed that I was finally able to experience this all again. I had fun in a sense, but I was also overwhelmed by the crowds of people and the waiting in lines. As for my memory of the convention, I suppose I had been viewing it through rose coloured glasses but recalling it all now I do remember the good and the bad.

I was able to find a lot of interesting stuff at the convention, toys and collectibles I’m happy to have in my collection, but most of the stuff I got came from one single booth. It seemed as though only one booth had retro stuff at a decent price. Where most booths focused on mystery boxes, apparel and the dime-a-dozen Funko Pop Figures, some sold unique items and retro collectibles. But for most the prices even surpassed the greediest of eBay sellers. In my experience I remember buying a lot more at the convention, even from major retailers like Toys-R-Us and EB Games, but this time around there weren’t many deals to be had or affordable items to be purchased. But I did luck out from time to time and managed to find a lot of interesting items that will be featured in a video on my YouTube channel.

I had written a post about preparing for a convention but sad thing is, I didn’t follow my own advice. I did manage to stay to my budget relatively well, although I overspent day one and spent subsiquently less and less every day. By the fourth day I  had to resort to paying a man with a bag of change to buy the last item I purchased this year at FanExpo. As for bringing food and water, after the first day, that rule of mine went right out the window. One thing I made sure to do though was to schedule the events I wanted to go to and I was able to attend all the panels and Q&A’s I had wanted to attend.

Conventions are a complicated scenario to approach, and it can be difficult to keep a level head when faced with the overwhelming nature of a convention. After this experience I do not know if I will go again next year, but my mind is not set in stone. I still recommend it as something worth experiencing, if only for attending and taking pictures, but please know what you are getting yourself into before you commit to attending this or any convention.

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