Who Won E3 2017?: The Subjective Nature of Video Game Reporting

Following E3 every year the first thing most seem to discern is which game developer rained supreme and which managed to “win” E3. Excuse me, but when did it become a competition? In all industries there inherently exists some form of competition between different companies producing the same product or service, but when and why did a showcase of upcoming products become a competition to be won? 

Seems like every year gamers across the world wait for E3 to come along so that they can turn their fandom into an all out war, pitting developers against each other, Nintendo vs. Sony vs. Microsoft. In recent years E3 has turned into a stash of munitions that Fanboys use against each other in their ongoing efforts to Prove that their fandom supercedes another’s. But why? Why is it that people have begun to use E3 announcements in this way? 

For me E3 was an exciting time of year, a moment in which to see what new and exciting software and hardware was to hit the market in the near future. Now though everyone focuses on the competition of it all. Instead of looking at the latest announcements and longing for the opportunity to test out all the amazing new things for yourself, people are more fascinated in tallying up points on an imaginary scoreboard to divine the winner of it all. 

I just can’t understand the significance as to why such a process would even be necessary. Personally I think that many studios showed off exciting new games like more news on Super Mario Oddesy, and unexpected reveals such as Beyond Good and Evil 2. I am excited for this all, but more and more people these days take an amazing announcement and turn it into just another point for the team they support. It’s fine to love and support whatever you like, but I find fault in how game or hardware is reduced to a point when in reality it is so much more complex than that. Who knows on first impression alone if they will actually like something or not? And in creating the yearly E3 competition we are all forced to make snap judgements that can lead to disappointment and mistrust later on. People buy into the hype of the competition and when the time comes to experience that new game or hardware first hand, many drop their rose-colored glasses and finally see it all for what it truly is. All glamour, no substance. It’s completely expected if one wishes to voice their opinions from the get go, but when a product has not yet been released, not yet experienced, how can there be such a definite clear-cut winner? 

At the end this is just me bitching about competition and wishing that people could just like and be excited for something, without the need to quantify it and pit one team against another. You know what though, video game developer have always invited competition to be had between each other. So if you have to pick a clear-cut winner in your own mind, please at least be able to see that E3 every year is a great time where you’ll be able to get news on what is coming out later that year ( or several years in the future).


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