Review Time! with Dragondude2525: Kirby Triple Deluxe ***4.5/5***


I have to say that I am almost never disappointed in a Kirby game. This addition to the series was definitely the game I was waiting for and it had the same quality I would expect of any other game in the series! It’s colourful, cute, and oh so endearing, but even though it has these qualities, Triple Deluxe was still a challenging game. For the most part you can get through the levels easily while still finding all the secret areas and hidden key chain collectibles. I myself made it all the way to the sixth world before I reached the end of a level without collecting all the items. Unlocking bonus stages is a breeze and with 2 other mini games included with Triple Deluxe you will have loads more to do following the final boss fight. The power ups were great as usual with the standard fare of the series but this time there was the new Hypernova ability that while looking awesome did more or less what the giant mushroom did for Mario in New Super Mario Bros for the DS. This power up destroys everything in your path by super charging Kirby’s standard ability, allowing you to suck up boulders, blocks, various enemies, and even moving trains in one stage! Although Triple Deluxe has an extensive amount of content it still felt like it was lacking a little something, but that may be partially due to the ease at which I play the game. It might prove to be more challenging to other players but for me it was a fun and speedy adventure, completing it after having played for several hours a day over the course of a week. In the end HAL Laboratories has made another great game for Nintendo, propelling this classic character well into the future for us to enjoy in subsequent instalments. I rate the game at a 4/5 because while it is an overall enjoyable game, I felt that the main portion of the game went by too fast for me. If there was a larger degree of difficulty I believe that it would have masked the game’s quick pace, giving the illusion of a longer game by upping the difficulty on it, forcing the player to take more time in completing any given level. But you can take what you want from this short review and make what you like of it. This game will be enjoyable for both children and adults, and offers a little something for everyone. If it is for a new or experienced gamer, I believe both will get fun out of it!

Review Time! with Dragondude2525: Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition (for PS Vita) *** 2.5/5***


First I would like to say that I did play the original version of this game for the xbox 360, and after purchasing the updated version for the Playstation Vita I have to say I am very disappointed. The gameplay itself is perfectly acceptable and the destructible locations and item drops are awesome as was expected. The disappointment was due to the fact that this is an absolutely terrible port of the game and it just does not translate well to a portable system.

The reason I believe that the port of this game to the Vita is a terrible port is because of the drop in graphic quality throughout the game. During the fights the characters lose definition and many textures as well. For example we have the Green Arrow in his standard costume. In the cut scenes his costume has a quilted pattern on it, but during the fight and in the final taunt it is shown as having a smooth texture. It might be a minor issue to most, but for me the constant downgrading in graphics takes away from my enjoyment of the game as a whole.

Now if only the game graphics were my only issue with the game, it would be slightly disappointing, but not terrible. The other visual issue I noticed while playing the game is the fact that even the cinematic cut scenes look odd. It is as if they have been poorly compressed and at moments it looks foggy, discoloured, and even slightly pixelated. To make it even worse I noticed yet another problem, this time with the sound.

I noticed that depending on what scene you are in and how loud the characters are, along with the volume of your system itself, the speakers crackle when the sound gets too loud. At first I thought it was an issue with the speakers on my PSVita, but I tried the game on 2 other systems, and I tried playing other games as well and I did not hear any of the crackling on any of the other games or systems.

I give this port of Injustice: Gods Among Us for the PS Vita a 2.5/5, with the score being as high because at the end of the day, the gameplay is still there. Because all the issues I found in the game are sensory issues that you just can’t block out, it weighs heavily on my enjoyment of the game. As always though this is just my opinion and hopefully this post aided you in deciding on whether or not you would like to purchase this game!