Review Time! with Dragondude2525: Oculus

A few days ago I went to see the movie Oculus staring Karen Gillan and Brenton Thwaites. The story follows a recently released patient from a mental hospital on his 21st birthday. Throughout the course of the movie we are left to figure out if the course of events isa figment of his shared delusion with his sister, or if the haunting is real. As Brenton’s character attempts to look at everything rationally, after 11 years in the institution, his sister, played by Karen Gillan, is steadfast in her belief that the source of their troubles, an antique mirror, is actually haunted. Oculus is more of a psychological thriller than a standard horror movie as it does not rely on high body count or tons of gore, instead opting to go for several quick scares. At the end you are left wondering if the events that took place during the duration of the movie actually occurred as depicted or if it was something else altogether. If you are prepared to think it out following the end of the movie, I highly suggest you watch it and it will definitely be gratifying. If all you want is a bloody horror movie, then definitely don’t watch it.