Review- Tech- Wii U ZombiU Deluxe Set ***Rating 5/5***

Since my unboxing of the ZombiU Deluxe Set about a month and a half ago, I have put good use to my newly acquired Wii U. With most major pieces of hardware I feel that it is difficult for the types of reviews I do to be run through in a matter of days. I prefer to take my time and fully use the device before I put together a proper real world review, instead of what most people do when they rate products on their first impressions. So now that time has passed, lets get to it!

For all the contents of this specific set you can refer to my video, although you should know that I forgot one part of it and that is the Wii U pro wireless controller that also came with the set, but was located in a smaller box that was only accessible from the opposite end of the box, so i missed it when doing my unboxing.

With this set I had only two minor concerns, the first being that this bundle did not include a special variant design or decal on the console to signify that it was belonging to this set, and the second issue was that because ZombiU was added as a pack in game for this set, and because it was still the Deluxe Set, the Nintendo Land game featured on the box was only available as a free download and not as an actual physical copy.

Other than those two minor annoyances, the set was amazing! The two pack in games were amazing tech demos that greatly demonstrated the capabilities of the console and the new tablet controller. The GamePad controller was seamlessly integrated into the gameplay much like the VMU in the days of the Dreamcast, but at moments it felt far too advantageous, especially when playing in a group. The person controlling the GamePad could easily develop a short-lived God Complex and decide to screw over the other players, just because they had a preferential role in the game.

The theme though for this console is definitely smooth integration. This is best realized when using the GamePad as a universal remote. It not only took over the remote functions of the television itself, but also connected and controlled my set top cable box! along with being a remote, it was also a TV guide and a TV companion for most shows, allowing you to comment on specific moments and broadcast your thoughts of those moments to many other people using the Wii U.

Another thing I greatly enjoyed was a minor function within the Netflix application. It lets you stream movies to your TV, and with the press of a button it moves from the TV screen to the screen of your GamePad, allowing you to watch Netflix on a decent sized screen while another person watched something else on cable. There is obviously a short distance you can travel away from the console before the connection is severed but if you live in a large enough house or your house is open plan then you will have no problem even walking up to 20-30 feet away from the console and still enjoy Netflix!

If you want all the added extras that come with the ZombiU Deluxe Set, by all means get it. If you want to experience the basics, and still have a large Wii collection then just purchase the Basic Set, otherwise the combination of Console and GamePad will not disappoint.


Review- Tech- Intec Charging Mat ****Rating 2.5/5****

As the title infers in this video I talk about the charging mat and rechargeable battery packs for video game controllers manufactured by the well known third party company Intec, that has produced supplementary devices for major home consoles for many years. I personally only purchased the Wii and Xbox 360 battery packs because the PS3 already has a built in power supply that can recharge through a mini USB to USB cable.

My gripe with wireless controllers has always been battery life, seeming that every time I tried to play on the Wii with family the batteries would always mysteriously die out in a matter of a few minutes, and i don’t really have batteries lying around as most of the rechargeable ones I have are currently in use. So I thought that backups such as these specific battery packs that are only for this one use were a good idea.

These though were over priced and that was what kept me from buying them in the past, until I found the Intec Charging Mat on clearance at The Source at Yonge and Eglinton here in Toronto. The Mat was on clearance for about 10$ and the battery packs were sold separately in two packs for about 6$, so in comparison it would have been like purchasing 4 AA batteries, which these days are getting expensive for reliable brands like Duracell and Energizer. The deal was great so I took them home.

Now, figuring out how they work was a lot more complicated than it should have been. Plugging the mat into the wall outlet was no problem, the blue LED indicator light turned on to show that the device was ready to start charging the battery packs, but when i placed the battery packs on the mat to charge that’s when my troubles started. I noticed that the battery packs also had indicator lights that cycled from Blue to Red, Blue indicating a full charge and Red indicating that it needs to be charged. When I placed the packs on the mat the indicator light flashed from blue, to red, then completely off. Were the batteries charging? How was I to know?

What they don’t tell you is that the light will come on momentarily on the first charge, cycle through from blue to red to off, then after it gathers up some charge it will then turn on the Red LED indicating that they are currently charging.

I have to say, it was a very complicated process at the beginning, considering that nowhere in the instructions did they say that you would have to wait until a charge was gathered for the indicator light to remain on while charging.

You might think though that this isn’t enough of a hassle to warrant such a low rating, but the reason why it is so low is because they do not even have a customer service phone line, instead they have a support email address that seems to be monitored by no one. In about 5 days since I initially sent them an email with my issue, they have yet to respond. That is a factor that will always break the deal for me on any device, poor customer service will always drag down the rating in my opinion.