Nostalgia: The Enemy of a Retro Gamer

Lately I’ve been trying to get back into playing my old NES, SNES, and PlayStation games, but over the years my collection has dwindled down to a select few. I’ve been trying to purchase my old favourites and some of the old consoles I never had a chance to own, but it seems like everyone else is on the same boat. Because of the high nostalgia induced demand all these old consoles and games have reached new heights in cost and are seemingly only getting more expensive. Gone are the days when you could find old titles in bargain bins and yard sales going for a couple of bucks, here in Toronto a select few shops are capitalising on the resurgence of these games.

If you’re in the market for an old system like the systems put out by Sega in the 90’s then good luck to you trying to find one that isn’t ridiculously overpriced and visibly disturbing. If you’re trying to find these older consoles online condition is key but in the minds of sellers condition and sentimental value ride hand in hand, bumping up the price of a damaged old system from 20-50$ all the way up to 100$ + and sometimes significantly more.

With all the newer consoles offering up their own digital download stores, on the Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3, all the old titles have been remastered and rereleased for virtual consoles. This still won’t satisfy most gamers as they will not be able to make the same physical connection they had once made with the game. Physical ownership is the goal of the Retro gamer.

While much can’t be done about prices these days there are still options out there. Try asking friends if they still have their old games, frequent yard sales for the off chance you’ll find what you’ve been looking for, and as your last resort, go to A & C games at Spadina and Bloor and hope for the best compromise between condition and cost.