Review- Tech- PS3 Super Slim 500GB ***Rating 3.5/5***

So… It’s been a while since my last post. Sorry for the time off but school gets busy and everything else falls to the wakes.

Getting on back to this, I decided to do an unboxing video of my new PS3 that I just purchased last month. To watch my unboxing of the device just look at the video attached to this posting.

Now lets get into the review! I’ve been using the PS3 now for just over a month. It is the first PS3 I have purchased so I can not truly compare it to the older fat and slim models. The only comparisons I can make are that the device is smaller overall, it features a slide out top loader design for installing dvdd and blu ray discs. The physical appearance is pleasing and falls in line with the other models, but it does make a moderate amount of sound when playing discs, since the disc spins relatively close to the surface of the device.

This version of the PS3 is an upgrade from the older version that featured 60-250GB HDD. This version features a HDD of 500GB so it is great if you are planning on downloading a lot of content from the PSN (Playstation Network). If you have a PS Vita, you can also use the PS3 to store its backups. This is great considering how much of a hassle it is to backup the PS Vita on a PC or Mac.

Next comes the selection of games. I like that they offer a wide range of games on the online store, but also because the PS3 has been around since 2006, you can buy loads of games for next to nothing! With the inclusion of the 1 year of Playstation plus in the bundle, you get to download a wide selection of ever changing titles for free as well. Not only do you get a bunch of free games, you also get discounted prices for a couple of major games available for the console.

Overall I quite liked this console, but there were some features I just did not like. Here is just a brief list:
-the UI (User Interface) is old and outdated, and barely customizable
-the price for necessary accessories is still high, like the 60$ wireless controllers
-when connected wirelessly to the internet, it took far too long to download games
-load screens for the games at some times were just unbearable, especially at moments when you are strung out by the content of the game.

In the end I rate this bundle at 3.5/5 because although it does offer a large selection of games, plays blu-ray, it has 1 year of playstation plus included, has a large HDD and HDMI 1080p output, it still is a minor upgrade to a long existing system. It offered no real advancement to the system here on the verge of the next console gaming generation.


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