Review- Tech- Nintendo 3DS XL Mario Kart 7 Bundle ***Rating 4/5***

I picked up this version of the Nintendo 3DS XL last month and have been putting it to lots of use. It included the game Mario Kart 7 as a digital version that was already installed on the device. I have yet to purchase an physical 3DS game cards, but i did get to test out the 3D features.

I enjoyed using the 3D on the Nintendo, but after a while it started to give me a headache so I would usually turn it off after about 10 minutes of gaming. Its a nice gimmick but I still don’t see the benefit of 3D in gaming, or even really in movies.

It played DS games just as good, except for not allowing 3D or even a full screen mode. you play with small black bars along the sides of the screen, but its all good. The screen resolution is not that great, but it is still much better than the older versions of the Nintendo DS. Movie viewing on Netflix was great, but it did feel a little awkward at some times, but at least you could set up the 3DS XL in a sort of laptop viewing configuration.

It comes with a browser that is a little awkward to use, but it still does the job if you are in a pinch, and the 3DS XL is all you have.

I like that the memory card expansion is just your basic SD card, and it does not require some proprietary memory card. just like how Nintendo included an HDMI cable with the Wii U, this was just a great move on the part of Nintendo!

The button configuration at moments was a little awkward, especially when the d-pad and joystick pad were used for the same function in the game being played. sometimes having these buttons too close became problematic, but that could just be with the games I’ve been playing.

I give it a rating of 4/5 because it really is a fun, easy and portable device to use. It came with a game already installed that was actually a game that you would be likely to purchase. I like that it folds shut so as to not damage the dual screens and all the other positive features were long existing features in the family of Nintendo DS handhelds as well. As for the setbacks that prevented me from rating the 3DS XL any higher are still factors such as its low resolution displays and its still burgeoning online store, but only with time will these issues be addressed.


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