iPod touch 5th Generation (32GB) **Rating 4/5**


So as you can already see, today’s real world review is going to be for the new iPod touch in black and slate with 32GB of storage. I have been using it for just under two months now and I find that this little device definitely has its place between the iPhone and iPads. Even though since it’s release the new iPad mini was added to the line up of apple hand held devices, the new iPod touch is still a great alternative for those that can’t afford the equivalent in the iPad mini or iPad. With a base model of 32GB, this is the best bang for your buck in the apple world of hand held devices. The screen real estate and quality is unmatched in other multimedia devices of its size, quite entirely unmatched. The upgraded camera system too is a surprising little extra, comparing the device from where it started in 2007 to what it has become today. The iTunes app stores are yet again a major selling feature as well as the additions to the preinstalled  apps that come with the device. Finally some figures to look at for this device that  might be of some interest is that I managed to fit my entire music library of over 1800 songs, that only took 12 minutes to load to the iPod, 5 HD movies, 15 episodes of tv shows, and about a dozen music videos, along with an extra 30 apps, and i still have another 5.5GB of storage available!!

Sorry if I sounded like I was having an apple fangasm, but now it’s time for the negatives, well the few that I had throughout the last 2 months of use. To start with, the increase in screen size was not only a benefit, but at this moment in time it has been a little bothersome. so many app developers have yet to alter their apps to extend to cover the full screen, which then results in having to look at two annoying black bars on the sides. Now with time, these will go away as the new screen size will become the standard for the iPod touch and the iPhone and the app developers will all turn suit and update their apps. Another big issue I had was with that stupid little loop!! Fine, if you are dropping your stuff all the time it can be a good idea, but I’d much rather just get a case. This then reminds me of the fact that I haven’t been able to find a decent case for the 5th gen iPod touch. Although some good ones exist online, not many are available, and next to nothing is available in store. And when looking at the Apple Store itself I saw none for this specific one. Also from their website it looks like they will be relying on the stupid loop strap instead of a traditional case, to prevent drops instead of protecting it in the case that it does fall. Last detail that stopped me from giving it a perfect 5 was the fact that it was a little awkward to hold or put down on a flat surface. With the camera housing being bumped out as it is, the device is not able to be placed entirely flat. Also with its thin and super light design, I always felt as if i had lost it or that it might break if I was too rough with it.

In the end most of the pros and cons cancelled each other out but the pros just won it. This is why  I decided on a final score of 4/5.


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