Review- Tech- Samsung Galaxy Discover ***Rating 3/5*** Considering I do not have a huge following thus far, I am unable to review the top of the line tech unlike other reviewers. So I thought I might go with looking at affordable tech that doesn't skimp on specs. I had heard of this handset about a month ago, at the time being … Continue reading Review- Tech- Samsung Galaxy Discover ***Rating 3/5***


Review- Movie- Les Miserables (Thumbs UP!) On Christmas morning the first thing that popped into my mind was not to go unwrap presents (because I had done that the night before) but instead to go see Les Miserables. I had sadly not taken the musical seriously when I had gone to see it 7 years ago, but since I had … Continue reading Review- Movie- Les Miserables (Thumbs UP!)

MacBook Pro 13″ 500GB (Mid 2012) ***Rating 5/5***

It's been several months since I bought my new MacBook Pro, non-retina display, but it has taken me this long to put together a full review of this still fairly new laptop. Because I was in the market for a new MacBook this past summer, I decided to buy this model, mainly because they offered … Continue reading MacBook Pro 13″ 500GB (Mid 2012) ***Rating 5/5***

Review- Movie- Skyfall So today, well technically speaking yesterday, I went to see the new James Bond movie Skyfall featuring Daniel Craig in the leading role and Judi Dench as M. In my above posted video I talked about the action sequences in the film, here I will talk about major differences between this film and others … Continue reading Review- Movie- Skyfall

iPod touch 5th Generation (32GB) **Rating 4/5**

So as you can already see, today's real world review is going to be for the new iPod touch in black and slate with 32GB of storage. I have been using it for just under two months now and I find that this little device definitely has its place between the iPhone and iPads. Even … Continue reading iPod touch 5th Generation (32GB) **Rating 4/5**

My Review Rating Systems

For my videos and posts I will have several different rating systems in place as the standards for each type of review will be different.Movie ReviewsFor movie reviews from now on I will be giving them a Watch or a Pass, by this I mean that I will be suggesting to either watch the movie … Continue reading My Review Rating Systems

iPod touch 5th Generation Unboxing I had ordered the new iPod touch, 32GB capacity, in the slate black colour. This video covers my unboxing as well as my thoughts on the current state of apple and several of its newly released products. For more information check out: The cost was $299 plus standard taxes.

Mac Mini 2012 (2.5GHz dual-core Intel Core i5) **Rating 4.5/5**

So its been a little over a month and a half since the newest configuration of the Mac Mini was released (October 23). I thought I might as well wait a while and go through a trial period before I went ahead and a wrote a full review on this amazing little desktop computer. The … Continue reading Mac Mini 2012 (2.5GHz dual-core Intel Core i5) **Rating 4.5/5**